Site24x7: Your Digital Sentinel - Eliminate I.T. Headaches, Deliver Seamless Experiences & Achieve Network Observability

Your digital world is complex, riddled with blind spots. Websites, servers, applications, and cloud services are vital, but monitoring them is fragmented, reactive, and leaves network issues hidden in the shadows. Downtime disrupts business, slow performance frustrates users, and network bottlenecks lurk undetected. You need a single, vigilant solution that offers network observability, proactively identifies problems, and keeps your entire digital infrastructure humming.

Introducing ManageEngine Site24x7, your all-in-one AI-powered monitoring platform with built-in network observability. It watches over your entire digital ecosystem, from websites and servers to applications and cloud services, with laser focus, giving you a unified view of your network's health and performance.

Here's how Site24x7 eliminates your IT headaches and empowers network observability:

Proactive Network Problem Detection:

  • AI-powered anomaly detection: Site24x7 goes beyond basic monitoring, using AI to predict network issues before they impact your users.
  • Deep-dive network diagnostics: Site24x7 analyzes your network traffic, bandwidth usage, device health, and more, pinpointing bottlenecks and potential problems.
  • Real-time insights and alerts: Get instant notifications about network anomalies and performance issues, enabling swift intervention.

Unified Monitoring & Streamlined Workflows:

  • One platform, complete network observability: Monitor your network devices, routers, switches, and firewalls alongside your websites, servers, and applications - all in one intuitive interface.
  • Customizable network dashboards: Create personalized dashboards focusing on specific network metrics and devices for tailored insights.
  • Automated network troubleshooting: Leverage automation to diagnose and resolve common network issues, freeing up valuable IT resources.

Data-Driven Network Insights & Actionable Decisions:

  • Detailed network reports & analytics: Gain insights into network performance trends, identify bottlenecks, and optimize resource allocation.
  • Real-time network traffic visualization: See network traffic patterns in real-time, identify anomalies, and proactively address potential issues.
  • Customizable network performance reports: Generate reports tailored to specific stakeholders and decision-making needs, promoting data-driven network management.

The Result:

  • Reduced network downtime and improved performance: Ensure seamless user experiences and maximize business uptime with a healthy, optimized network.
  • Enhanced user experience: Deliver consistent, high-quality experiences across all devices and locations, thanks to a reliable network.
  • Streamlined IT operations: Free up resources by automating network tasks and focusing on strategic initiatives.
  • Data-driven network decisions: Optimize your network infrastructure, allocate resources efficiently, and make informed investments based on real-time data.

Why Network Observability Matters:

In today's digital world, a healthy network is the backbone of every organization's success.

Network observability provides unparalleled visibility into your network's health, performance, and behavior.

This empowers you to:

  • Proactively identify and resolve network issues before they impact your users or disrupt operations.
  • Optimize your network infrastructure for peak performance and resource efficiency.
  • Ensure consistent, high-quality user experiences by proactively addressing network bottlenecks and disruptions.
  • Make data-driven decisions about network investments and upgrades, maximizing your ROI.

Ready to stop firefighting and start proactively managing your IT with complete network observability?

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Your Role

Innovative Ian, CIO in Retail

Innovative Ian, CIO in Retail

Works as a CIO in a large retail company, focused on integrating the latest IT technologies to enhance customer experience and operational efficiency.

Ian needs a solution that can help him:

Integrate multiple IT systems seamlessly and provide insights for enhancing customer engagement.

Efficient Emily: IT Director in Education

Efficient Emily: IT Director in Education

An IT Director at a university, Emily is keen on streamlining educational technology and ensuring a reliable IT infrastructure for students and faculty.

Emily needs a solution that can help her:

Manage a diverse educational IT environment, ensuring consistent uptime and performance for all users.

Secure Sam: Network Administrator in Finance

Secure Sam: Network Administrator in Finance

Sam is a Network Administrator in a financial institution, prioritizing network security and data protection in a highly sensitive industry.

Sam needs a solution that can help him:

Fortify network security and instantly detect any potential threats or vulnerabilities.

Resourceful Rachel: DevOps Engineer in Telecommunications

Resourceful Rachel: DevOps Engineer in Telecommunications

As a DevOps Engineer in a leading telecommunications company, Rachel is always looking for solutions to optimize network performance and reduce downtime.

Rachel needs a solution that can help her:

Optimize network resources efficiently and ensure smooth communication across various platforms.

Analytical Adam: IT Manager in Manufacturing

Analytical Adam: IT Manager in Manufacturing

Adam, an IT Manager in a manufacturing firm, focuses on leveraging data analytics for improving system performance and predictive maintenance.

Adam needs a solution that can help him:

Analyze IT system performance data and predict potential issues before they escalate.

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Q: What is ManageEngine Site24x7?
A: Site24x7 is an all-in-one monitoring solution that provides website, server, cloud, and network monitoring, as well as application performance management.

Q: Who should use Site24x7?
A: It's ideal for IT managers, directors, CIOs, network administrators, and DevOps engineers in medium to large enterprises and growing startups.

Q: Can Site24x7 monitor cloud-based services?
A: Yes, Site24x7 supports monitoring of various cloud platforms including AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Q: Is there a trial version available?
A: Yes, Site24x7 offers a free 30-day trial for users to evaluate its features.

Q: How does Site24x7 ensure data security?
A: Site24x7 employs robust security measures including encryption and regular security audits to protect user data.

Q: Can Site24x7 be integrated with other tools?
A: Yes, it offers integrations with various plugins and third-party tools for extended functionality.

Q: What types of reports does Site24x7 generate?
A: It provides detailed performance reports, analytics, and actionable insights for IT infrastructure monitoring.

Q: How does Site24x7 help in resource optimization?
A: It identifies performance bottlenecks and helps optimize resource utilization and operational efficiency.

Q: What support options are available for Site24x7 users?
A: Users have access to 24/7 customer support, online resources, and professional services through partners like Optrics.

Q: How is Site24x7 different from other monitoring tools?
A: Its comprehensive, all-in-one approach, extensive cloud and OS support, and user-friendly interface set it apart from other monitoring tools.

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System Requirements

Number of devices/interfaces Processor RAM Hard disk
Upto 100 devices/1000 interfaces 4 processors 8GB 80GB or higher       
100-500 devices/1000 to 2500 interfaces        8 processors       16GB     


Site24x7 Network Monitoring requires an On-Premise Poller to be installed in the network that is monitored. Both Windows and Linux flavours are supported. 

  • It supports a maximum of 500 devices per poller. To add more devices, you can install multiple On-Premise Pollers in the same account.
  • The memory capacity mentioned above does not include the memory used by OS, which should account for another 4 GB.
  • In order to use the network monitoring feature using  On-Premise Poller, Linux users must start the On-Premise Poller as a root user.

Compare Editions

All-In-One Edition

  • Pricing in USD.
  • Quotes in CAD also available.
  • Other editions pricing also available.


  • 40 Basic Monitors
  • 1-minute Poll Frequency
  • Select from over 130 Locations
  • 3 Advanced Monitors
  • 5 Network Monitoring Interfaces
  • 2 NetFlow Analyzer Interfaces
  • 1 NCM Device
  • 500 MB Logs
  • 500K RUM Pageviews & 5 Sites
  • 3 Status Pages in StatusIQ
  • 150 SMS/Voice Credits per month
  • Buy Add-ons for more
  • Multi-user
  • Third-party Integration
  • Classic Support


  • Managing a bigger digital presence? Join our list of enterprise customers who are monitoring more than 250,000 websites, servers, networks, applications, and cloud services per account.

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