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Exchange Reporter Plus

Web-Based Analysis and Reporting

An exclusive reporting solution for all your MS Exchange requirements, ExchangeReporter Plus is a ready-to-deploy change auditing & reporting solution with Microsoft Exchange Server tools for your Exchange environment.

"We needed granular reporting on Exchange to get a better understanding of the environment itself, so that we could begin to change various projects for this core service use. Exchange Reporter Plus gave all this - without having to depend on powershell scripting."
Shannon Rubin, IBTS (Institute for Building Technology and Safety)


Exchange Server Reporting Overview

ExchangeReporter Plus is a Change Auditing and Reporting Solution for MS Exchange environment. This software consolidates the statistics pertaining to an organization's email infrastructure and presents it to the administrator in the form of actionable reports, graphs and charts. With its capability to audit crucial permission or property changes, ExchangeReporter Plus will be the most fitting solution for your organization's Exchange requirements.

Real Time Auditing

Auditing Screenshot

Convenient Dashboard

The product dashboard offers a panoramic view of integral information like Exchange audit alerts, server storage usage, top mailboxes by size, Exchange mail traffic summary and server traffic summary presented in the form of tabulations and graphs.


ExchangeReporter Plus is high on value and low on price. The pricing starts at just $295 and packs several insightful reporting solutions for your everyday MS Exchange management.

Easy Deployment

ExchangeReporter Plus is a ready-to-deploy reporting and analysis solution for your Exchange servers. The deployment is simple, easy and takes the littlest of your time.


Configure alerts for events that require your immediate attention and get notified on the same with the alert feature.


Filters in the reports help you narrow down the data to the specifics you're looking for, like events on particular dates or hourly email traffic summary on a specific day.

Convenient Export Options

Export the reports to various formats including CSV, PDF, XLS and HTML.

Customizable Views

Exchange auditing is exceedingly customizable. Create your own view for any of the audit reports in a few simple steps.

Fully functional 60-day trial

The installed product works in trial mode that is fully functional for 60 days! Even after trial period is over, previously fetched reports can be referred to and reused .

What problems does it solve?

Exchange related information is gathered from the Exchange servers, Active Directory, Message Tracking Logs, and IIS logs. This data is gathered with the help of scheduled data gathering tasks con.gured in the product. When a user runs a report in ExchangeReporter Plus, relevant information stored in the product database is fetched and presented neatly in a tabulated form with graphs if required. On the other hand, auditing is real-time, where the product fetches data or raises alerts as soon as an event is captured in the domain controller or Exchange server.

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ExchangeReporter Plus is a ready-to-deploy reporting and analysis solution for your Exchange servers. With this tool you can:

  • Get instant reports on mailbox traffic, permissions, etc.
  • Audit critical changes to mailbox permissions or properties
  • Track mailbox logon or non-owner mailbox logon
  • Track what users keep in their mailboxes
  • Get alerts about critical changes or events
  • Monitor all aspects an Exchange email infrastructure

Exchange Reporter Plus helps you understand your Exchange infrastructure better

Understand your infrastructure better
Provides stats for better Exchange Management
Secure your email infrastructure

Over 100 Comprehensive Reports

Reports that throw light on every aspect of Exchange and the exclusive audit feature together make it the most .tting reporting solution for your organization's Exchange environment.

Mailboxes Report

Obtain consolidated reports on mailboxes in your Exchange environment. Be it mailbox size, growth or permission changes associated with a mailbox, ExchangeReporter Plus brings you the essential insights on them all.

Public Folder Reports

These reports bring you statistics relating to ‘Public Folders' usage and availability. The general reports shed light on available Public Folders, Public Folder replicas, the mail enabled ones and details on public folder size.

Email Traffic Reports

Email traffic monitoring is the heart of reporting on Exchange. These reports gather the statistics pertaining to email traffic in your organization and consolidate them into actionable reports.

ActiveSync Reports

Use these reports to obtain ActiveSync policy details, device details and ActiveSync status information on every ActiveSync enabled mobile device in your organization.

Storage Reports

The Exchange store handles copious amount of data relentlessly. It is crucial to keep tabs on the size & growth of Exchange information stores. The storage reports will keep you abreast of the same.

OWA and ActiveSync reports

Put these reports to use for gathering OWA data. Details of users logged on using OWA, their IP addresses, browsers used for the access and top servers used for logging on can be attained using these reports.

Distribution Lists Reports

ExchangeReporter Plus brings you vital information on distribution lists such as membership details, Inactive lists and arrays the top distributionlists by message & size.

Organization Reports

This category of reports will fetch you all the essential statistics on the Exchange organization neatly grouped under three sections of reports - General, Store and Server reports.

Audit Reports

Ever felt the need to keep a keen eye on changes occurring in your Exchange environment? Here is a feature that would let not even a minor change made to your Exchange environment, escape your attention - Exchange Auditing! Four reports are ordered under this category.

Mailbox Logon

Closely monitor user logon patterns and bring to light any unusual logon behavior using the mailbox logon report. This report helps in exposing any non-owner mailbox logon activity, enabling an administrator decide what actions to take.

Exchange Store Changes

Get reports on Exchange stores mounted or dismounted during a specified time period. You also have an option to view these reports simultaneously, using the ‘User action on Exchange Stores' report.

Mailbox Permission Changes

Probe into changes in mailbox permissions. Obtain complete list of access control entry values after and before the change in settings using the reports under this category.

Mailbox Property Changes

Keep a vigilant eye on mailbox property changes such as quota changes, size restriction changes, activated mailboxes, deactivated ones and movedmailboxes using this class of reports.

Customize Your Reports!

Exchange audit reports are exceedingly customizable. Create your own view for any of the audit reports in a few simple steps. Another useful feature is the "Custom reports". ExchangeReporter Plus allows you to create customized reports under category of your choice.

Configure Alerts!

Configure alerts for events that require your immediate attention and get noti.ed on the same immediately upon logging into the product. Rest assured, no arguable event will escape your attention with this feature! You also have an option to create customized alerts.

Office 365 Reports

Office 365 Mailbox Reports

Microsoft Office 365 feature lets you open your office anywhere, anytime and this has encouraged many professionals to configure Office 365 account with Microsoft Exchange. Exchange Reporter Plus offers this report to ensure efficient management of Office 365 mailboxes, with details like mailbox size, archives, inactive mailboxes, etc.

Office 365 Mailbox Sizes

This report returns the current list of all Office 365 mailboxes in an Exchange organization, and their respective sizes and counts. Mailbox size is displayed for the current time, by default

Office 365 Hidden Mailboxes

This report displays all the Office 365 mailboxes that have visibility attributes set to "hidden". These mailboxes are difficult to locate as they would not appear on the Exchange address lists

Office 365 ActiveSync Reports

ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus has come to the rescue with Office 365 ActiveSync Reports. The web-based reporting tool maps smartphones with their corresponding mailboxes and policies and then returns a comprehensive set of reports that provide actionable information about ActiveSync devices.

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Exchange Reporter Plus Documentation

Here you can find Exchange Reporter Plus product documentation, brochures and guides. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us and one of our specialists will address your inquiry as soon as possible.

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System Requirements

Hardware Requirements

Hardware Minimum
Processor P4, 1.0 GHz
Disk Space 10 to 20 GB (The storage space requirements might vary depending upon your organization size, mailbox size, traffic frequency and outlook web access logins.)

Software Requirements

  • Exchange Reporter Plus requires Windows PowerShell to extract most of the Exchange data.
  • Windows Management Framework (Windows PowerShell, Windows Remote Management)
  • .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 is required for Exchange Auditing.
  • Messaging Application Programming Interface (For Generating Content Reports alone)

Supported Platforms

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2003
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 2008
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 2012
  • Windows 2012 R2

Supported Exchange Servers

  • Exchange Server 2000
  • Exchange Server 2003
  • Exchange Server 2007
  • Exchange Server 2010
  • Exchange Server 2013
  • Exchange Server 2016

Supported Browsers

  • Internet Explorer 6.0 and above
  • Firefox 2.0 and above
  • Google Chrome

Preferred screen resolution 1024 x 768 pixels or higher


Exchange Reporter Plus Standard Edition
License Fee
Exchange Reporter Plus Professional Edition
License Fee

* Annual Maintenance & Support Fee

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