Secure and enhance your Microsoft 365 environments with ManageEngine M365 Security Plus. This solution is designed for IT professionals who aim to fortify their digital workspace against evolving security threats. Experience a blend of granular auditing, real-time alerting, and advanced content search capabilities tailored to meet the complex demands of modern IT infrastructure.

The Challenge of Securing Microsoft 365

In a world where cyber threats are increasingly sophisticated, securing your Microsoft 365 environment is paramount. IT managers, directors, CIOs, and network administrators grapple with safeguarding sensitive data while maintaining compliance and operational efficiency. The complexity of these tasks calls for a specialized solution that not only protects but also empowers IT professionals.

Key Features of ManageEngine M365 Security Plus

  • Granular Auditing: Dive deep into user activities, configurations, and changes within your Microsoft 365 environment. This feature ensures no detail is overlooked, enhancing your security and compliance posture.
  • Real-Time Alerting: Stay ahead of threats with instant notifications. This proactive approach allows you to respond swiftly to potential security breaches, minimizing their impact.
  • Advanced Content Search: Quickly locate sensitive or critical data across your Microsoft 365 setup. This efficient search capability streamlines data management and security protocols.
  • Comprehensive Protection: From email and collaboration tools to user identities, ManageEngine M365 Security Plus covers every facet of your Microsoft 365 suite, ensuring all-round protection.

Why Choose ManageEngine M365 Security Plus?

ManageEngine M365 Security Plus stands out for its user-friendly interface, customizable alert system, and its scalability to fit businesses of all sizes. Supported by an expert team always ready to assist, this solution is not just a tool but a strategic asset for your organization.

Customer Success Stories

Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have transformed their Microsoft 365 security with ManageEngine M365 Security Plus. From improved compliance to efficient threat management, hear how this solution has made a real difference in various industries.

Your Next Steps to Enhanced Security

  • Free Trial: Experience firsthand the capabilities of ManageEngine M365 Security Plus with our free trial. Discover how it can revolutionize your IT security.
  • Personalized Demo: Let us demonstrate how ManageEngine M365 Security Plus can specifically address your organization's needs.
  • Expert Consultation: Have questions or need a tailored solution? Our knowledgeable team is here to guide you through every step.

In the pursuit of robust Microsoft 365 security, ManageEngine M365 Security Plus emerges as a leader. It's more than a security tool; it's a commitment to safeguarding your digital environment. Embrace the future of IT security today with ManageEngine M365 Security Plus.

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Your Role

Analytical Alice, IT Director in Education

Analytical Alice, IT Director in Education

Alice manages complex IT systems and needs to ensure the security of sensitive educational data.

Alice needs a solution that can help her:

Efficiently manage and audit Microsoft 365 security.

Vigilant Victor, Network Administrator in Finance

Vigilant Victor, Network Administrator in Finance

Victor is focused on maintaining the utmost security for his banking institution's network.

Victor needs a solution that can help him:

Detect and respond to security threats in real-time.

Compliance Carl, CIO in Government

Compliance Carl, CIO in Government

Carl ensures that all IT systems in his government agency meet stringent compliance standards.

Carl needs a solution that can help him:

Adhere to governmental IT security regulations.

Security Sarah, IT Manager in Retail

Security Sarah, IT Manager in Retail

Sarah is tasked with protecting her retail chain's IT infrastructure against potential breaches.

Sarah needs a solution that can help her:

Monitor and secure her retail IT network effectively.

Innovative Ian, IT Specialist in Technology

Innovative Ian, IT Specialist in Technology

Ian, in his tech start-up, seeks advanced solutions for dynamic IT security challenges.

Ian needs a solution that can help him:

Integrate innovative security features for a growing tech environment.


Q: What is ManageEngine M365 Security Plus?
A: It's a comprehensive security solution for Microsoft 365, providing auditing, real-time alerts, monitoring, and advanced content search.

Q: Which Microsoft 365 services does it cover?
A: The software covers Exchange Online, Teams, Azure Active Directory, and other key Microsoft 365 services.

Q: How does it enhance Microsoft 365 security?
A: It enhances security by analyzing risks, detecting attacks, and offering in-depth reports, instant alerts, and constant monitoring.

Q: Can it help with compliance requirements?
A: Yes, it aids in meeting compliance standards through robust auditing and reporting capabilities.

Q: Is it suitable for large organizations?
A: Absolutely, it's ideal for medium to large enterprises reliant on Microsoft 365.

Q: What kind of real-time alerts does it provide?
A: The software offers instant email alerts for security threats and anomalies in the Microsoft 365 environment.

Q: Does it offer a free trial?
A: Yes, there is an option for a free 30-day trial.

Q: How does it simplify IT security management?
A: It provides a unified, user-friendly interface for managing and monitoring multiple Microsoft 365 services.

Q: Is it cost-effective for budget-conscious organizations?
A: Yes, it offers advanced security features at a competitive price, suitable for organizations with varied budgets.

Q:How can I get a personalized demo or quote??
A: ManageEngine offers comprehensive support through phone, email, and live chat. Their team of experts is always available to assist you with any questions or issues you may have.

Hardware requirements

Hardware Minimum Recommended
Processor 2.4 GHz 3 GHz
Core processor 4 GHz 6 GHz or more
RAM 8 GB 16 GB
Disk space 100 GB (SSD preferred) 200 GB (SSD preferred)
Disk throughput 5MB/s 20MB/s


  • The above values are subject to change based on customer requirement.
  • Choose the required disk space based on usage and future requirements.

Software Requirements

Supported Platforms

  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7 SP1

Supported Browsers

  • Internet Explorer 9.0 and above
  • Firefox 45.0 and above
  • Chrome 45.0 and above

Supported databases


M365 Security Plus build number Supported database versions
4400 and above PostgreSQL 9.4-9.6 and 10.12
4000-4400 PostgreSQL 9.2-9.6


M365 Security Plus build number Supported database versions
4000 and above Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and above

Port requirements

M365 Security Plus uses port 80 for HTTP and port 443 for HTTPs communications.

Pricing Details

Each M365 Security Plus license includes 1 Help Desk Technician by default.

Note: The pricing given below is for annual license only.

Contact us for more pricing options.

Number of Users/Mailboxes
(with 1 Help Desk Technician)
Standard Edition
100  Users/Mailboxes $495
200  Users/Mailboxes $795
500  Users/Mailboxes $1495
1000  Users/Mailboxes $1,995
2000  Users/Mailboxes $2,495
3000  Users/Mailboxes $3,495
5000  Users/Mailboxes $4,995
10,000 Users/Mailboxes $6,995
20000 Users/Mailboxes $7,995
30000 Users/Mailboxes $8,995
50000 Users/Mailboxes $9,995
Each Additional Help Desk Technician $95
Pricing chart for Add-on Exchange Online Backup  
100 Users/Mailboxes $145
200 Users/Mailboxes $195
500 Users/Mailboxes $295
1000 Users/Mailboxes $495
2000 Users/Mailboxes $995
3000 Users/Mailboxes $1,095
5000 Users/Mailboxes $1,295
10000 Users/Mailboxes $2,495
20000 Users/Mailboxes $2,795
50000 Users/Mailboxes $3,545
100000 Users/Mailboxes $5,495
200000 Users/Mailboxes $8,995

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