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ManageEngine OpUtils IP Address Management

Switch Port & IP Address Management

OpUtils is an affordable, ready to use realtime monitoring toolset geared towards helping engineers efficiently monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot IT resources. It consists of 30 plus tools including: network diagnostics, ip address management, address monitoring, network monitoring, cisco and SNMP tools.

"OpUtils has provided us a detailed and intuitive interface to easily manage our IP space and switch ports. We can easily find any system on our network through their switch port mapper tool and also quickly identify possible security violations."
Nichole K. Boscia, CSC, Sr. Network Engineer
NASA Ames Research Center - Advanced Supercomputing Division

OpUtils Customers


Network and system engineers face the challenge of ensuring high performance and availability of IT resources - servers, routers, switches, servers, applications, and infrastructures. They have to constantly keep an eye on these IT resources and troubleshoot any problems that may occur quickly.

That's Where OpUtils Comes In

The toolset can be used to troubleshoot the frequent network problems such as network connectivity, availability, performance, health, and latency of any IP node in the network. It provides desktop details like CPU, Disk space information, installed software, process information and other vital metrics.

Readymade tools to manage DNS names, IP and MAC addresses are also available. SNMP tools are included to help monitor any SNMP-enabled IP node. Graphs, charts, and tables offer real-time views of the network and system information. Results canbe exported as reports in various formats like PDF and HTML.

OpUtils Stats Screen

Benefits to Business

  • Competitive pricing - Starts at $195
  • Out-of-the-box tools for real-time needs
  • Quick and Easy installation, Ready for use
  • Web-based, Easy-to-use and Intuitive: no training necessary
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  • Web-based software enables access from anywhere.
  • Support for multi-user environments.
  • Integrated set of over 30+ tools.
  • Provides network reports such as Inventory, SNMP Devices, Rogue Systems, Available IPs, MAC Address Report, etc.
  • Supports email-based notifications
  • Can be run as a Windows service
  • Exports the results in HTML, PDF, and XLS formats

OpUtils is Available in 3 Editions

Free Edition

  • MAC Address Resolver
  • SNMP Ping
  • Network Scanner
  • DNS Resolver
  • + 7 additional tools
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Free Edition Tools PLUS

  • Bandwidth Monitor
  • Network Monitor
  • Wake-On-Lan
  • +8 additional tools
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Standard Edition Tools PLUS

  • IP Address Manager
  • Switch Port Mapper
  • Config File Manager
  • +4 additonal tools
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The different sets of monitoring tools available in this product are:

Featured Tools

  • Map the devices connected to the ports of a Switch with an ability to locate devices to its physical location
  • Manage IP Addresses in the network and report used and available IP Addresses.
  • Detect and prohibit unauthorised network access using Rogue Detection tool.
  • View the MAC-IP details of the network devices

Diagnostic Tools

  • Useful for the day-to-day management of the Network
  • Useful in troubleshooting the connectivity and availability issues in a LAN environment
  • Standard tools such as Ping and Trace Route
  • Ping a single IP or a range of IP's
  • Check whether an IP or a range of IP's are SNMP enable

Address Monitoring Tools

  • Tools that can help in monitoring and managing IP Addresses, MAC Addresses, and DNS Names
  • Validate the forward and reverse lookup of a DNS name
  • Map the IP Address of a node with its MAC Address and vica-versa
  • Monitor the DHCP Scopes to identify the used and available IP Addresses in each scope.
  • Tools to monitor desktop information ranging from system configuration, and resource usage to software listing
  • Tool to view the TCP connections established in the device and reset the unwanted/unauthorized connections

Network Monitoring Tools

  • Tools that monitors the bandwidth and traffic statistics of Routers, Switches, and such devices
  • Provides graphical views of the monitored statistics
  • Traffic trends for
    • Interface traffic and utilization
    • Interface Packets and Volumes
  • Interface response time
  • Monitor the IPs in a network and generate alert based on response time
  • Wake up a machine in a network from remote
  • View and update the system details, such as Name, Location, and Contact details

SNMP Tools

  • Monitor an SNMP-enabled IP node in a network
  • Powerful SNMP Tools like MIB Browser and Trap viewer
  • Receives and displays SNMP traps
  • Plots real-time SNMP graph
  • Retrieves and displays information about MIB modules and MIB nodes
  • Tool to identify the SNMP community strings of the devices in the network.


  • Tool to manage the cisco configuration files: Backup, Retrieve, Compare, and Upload
  • Scan a subnet or an IP range to detect the Cisco devices.
  • View the IOS, chassis, flash details, and Access control lists, monitor CPU, memory utilization, interface statistics of a cisco device.
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System Requirements: Pentium III 733 MHz, 256 MB RAM, 100 MB Hard Disk Space.
OS Supported: Windows NT, 2000, XP, Red Hat Linux 7.x

OpUtils Documentation

Here you can find OpUtils product documentation, brochures and guides. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us and one of our specialists will address your inquiry as soon as possible.

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System Requirements

Hardware Requirements

Hardware Recommended
Processor Dual Core/Core 2 Duo or Quad Core
Disk Space Above 10 GB

Software Requirements

Supported Platforms - ManageEngine OpUtils is platform independent and supports the following operating systems

Desktop-related Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • RedHat Linux 7.x

Server-related Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows 2000Microsoft Windows 2003
  • Microsoft Windows 2008
  • Microsoft Windows 2008 R2
  • Microsoft Windows 2012

Supported Browsers - ManageEngine OpUtils requires one of the following browsers to be installed in the system

  • Internet Explorer 5.5 and later versions
  • Netscape 7.0 and later versions
  • Mozilla Firefox 1.0 and later versions

Bandwidth Required for OpUtils Scanning

If all the tools are scanning simultaneously, the approximate bandwidth utilization would be ~150 KBps

Note: This includes scanning of Switches/Routers ARP tables, IPAM and Bandwidth Monitoring


Initial Product Fee (IPF)

With the IPF model, you have to renew annual support fee (ASF) every year to continue using the product. If you are looking for a perpetual license, please contact our sales team.

OpUtils Professional Edition - Initial Product Feel
License Fee
License Fee

* Annual Maintenance & Support Fee

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