Professional Services

IT Consulting

Working with your staff, we will create a consultation process that takes into account the design, sourcing, implementation and deployment for a complete solution, including a plan for training of both tech staff and end-users.

  Design-In & Quotes

Our specialists will create a Design-In Service that outlines our design and architecture plan for your solution. A proper design and architecture of your own network would be customized and extensive, and we'd supply detailed quotes for your solution.

  Procurement & Implementation

Our specialists will work within your IT procurement process to ensure that all documentation and information has been addressed. Logistics is a big part of implementing your IT solution and our specialists ensure that your products, software, licenses and training all occurr efficiently and in a timely manner.

  Post-Sales Support & Training

Once your purchase is completed, your staff may require post-sales support and training on the products and solutions that we have helped you implement. We can train in Edmonton locally or virtually in a webinar or online meeting.

  Discuss Product Needs

A ManageEngine product specialist will help you find the product that will fit your needs and give you the performance you require for your network.

  Get A Quote

Once you're satisfied with the solution that we've designed for you, we'll get you quotes that allow you to proceed with the solution.

  Pro Services Contact Form

Our technical services representatives are able to help you with your request or inquiry for ManageEngine products, and are able to provide professional services as required.