Streamline Your IT Operations with Efficient Incident Management

Welcome to the ultimate solution in IT incident management - ManageEngine Site24x7 StatusIQ. In an era where uptime is crucial, our tool stands as a beacon of reliability and efficiency for IT managers, directors, CIOs, and network administrators.

The Challenge: Minimizing Downtime and User Frustration

Every IT professional knows the cost of downtime - it's not just a technical issue, but a business one. Site24x7 StatusIQ is designed to address this, minimizing user frustration and ensuring smooth, uninterrupted service.

Introducing ManageEngine Site24x7 StatusIQ

At its core, StatusIQ is a customizable, user-friendly platform that provides real-time updates during IT incidents. It's not just about monitoring; it's about proactive communication and management. With StatusIQ, you get:

  • Real-Time Incident Communication: Keep your team and clients in the loop with instant updates.
  • Customizable Dashboards: Tailor the platform to meet your unique organizational needs.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Turn data into actionable insights with detailed reports.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Navigate and manage with ease, regardless of your technical expertise.

Why Choose Site24x7 StatusIQ?

Site24x7 StatusIQ stands out for its ability to transform the way you manage IT incidents. Here’s why it’s the top choice for professionals:

  • Minimize User Frustration: By keeping all stakeholders informed, you reduce the stress and confusion typically associated with IT issues.
  • Efficient Incident Management: With all your data and tools in one place, managing incidents becomes a streamlined process.
  • Cost-Effective: Reduce the financial impact of downtime and improve your bottom line.

Join the Ranks of Satisfied Customers

From small businesses to large enterprises, Site24x7 StatusIQ has helped countless organizations take control of their IT management. Become a part of this growing community and experience the difference firsthand.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Embark on your journey towards efficient IT incident management today. With ManageEngine Site24x7 StatusIQ, you're not just buying a tool; you're investing in peace of mind.

  • Free 30-Day Trial: Experience the full range of features that Site24x7 StatusIQ has to offer.
  • One-on-One Demo: Let our experts show you how Site24x7 StatusIQ can meet your specific needs.
  • Questions? Our team is always here to help you out.

Transform Your IT Management Today

With ManageEngine Site24x7 StatusIQ, you're not just responding to IT incidents; you're anticipating them. Embrace the future of IT management, minimize user frustration, and keep your business running smoothly. The path to IT excellence begins here.

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Your Role

Strategic Sarah, IT Director in Finance

Strategic Sarah, IT Director in Finance

Sarah manages IT infrastructure in a financial institution, focusing on strategy and efficiency.

Sarah needs a solution that can help her:

Integrate multiple Effectively handle IT incidents to maintain integrity and client trust in the financial sector.

Efficient Eric, Network Administrator in Education

Efficient Eric, Network Administrator in Education

Eric is in charge of network management for a university, aiming for operational efficiency.

Eric needs a solution that can help him:

Streamline network operations and communicate updates promptly within the educational community.

Communicative Carlos, CIO in Retail

Communicative Carlos, CIO in Retail

Carlos, as the CIO of a retail chain, values clear IT communication.

Carlos needs a solution that can help him:

Offer real-time IT updates to retail branches, enhancing operational transparency across the chain.

Problem-Solving Peter, IT Manager in Telecommunications

Problem-Solving Peter, IT Manager in Telecommunications

Peter leads IT problem resolution in a telecom company.

Peter needs a solution that can help him:

Quickly identify and communicate network issues to reduce downtime in the telecom industry.

Analytical Adam: IT Manager in Manufacturing

Analytical Adam: IT Manager in Manufacturing

Adam, an IT Manager in a manufacturing firm, focuses on leveraging data analytics for improving system performance and predictive maintenance.

Adam needs a solution that can help him:

Analyze IT system performance data and predict potential issues before they escalate.

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Q: What is ManageEngine Site24x7 StatusIQ?
A: It's a tool that provides hosted status pages, allowing businesses to communicate real-time updates on incidents and maintenance to their users.

Q: How does StatusIQ improve customer communication?
A: By providing real-time status updates during incidents, it minimizes user frustration and reduces the number of support queries.

Q: Can StatusIQ be customized to match our brand?
A: Yes, it offers customizable status pages to align with your brand's look and feel.

Q: What kind of notifications does StatusIQ support?
A: It allows notifications via email, SMS, and RSS feeds to keep your users informed.

Q: Is StatusIQ difficult to set up?
A: No, it is designed for easy setup and user-friendly operation.

Q: Can StatusIQ handle multiple services?
A: Yes, it's ideal for organizations managing multiple online services or applications.

Q: Are there analytics or reporting features?
A: Yes, it provides detailed post-incident reports for analysis and transparency.

Q: How does StatusIQ reduce the load on support teams?
A: By proactively informing users about issues, it significantly reduces the volume of support calls during outages.

Q: Is StatusIQ suitable for small businesses?
A: Absolutely, it's designed for organizations of all sizes.

Q: How is Site24x7 different from other monitoring tools?
A: Its comprehensive, all-in-one approach, extensive cloud and OS support, and user-friendly interface set it apart from other monitoring tools.

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  • 10 Components
  • 100 Subscribers
  • Component groups
  • Incidents and scheduled maintenance
  • Uptime history
  • Unlimited incident history
  • Performance metrics
  • Private notes and postmortem


  • Basic branding (logo and favicon)
  • Co-branded status page address


  • Status update via Site24x7


  • Unlimited email notifications
  • Component subscriptions


  • Standard support

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